Telling the stories of the people at the U of U



Fall 2021-Spring 2022 Staff

Videography Lead

Connor Nygard

As a strategic communications major who edits videos, writes online articles, and Photoshops things, I spend a lot of time on computers. When the machines let me go outside, you can find me at concerts, hiking trails, clearance...

Theadora Soter

Rising Sign: Taurus What actor/actress would you like to play in a movie about your life: Rachel McAdams What song do you cry to: "Lullabye" by Billy Joel What PopTart flavor would you be: Brown sugar cinnamon Favorite...

Podcast Host

Jorge Jimenez

Political Science Jorge is a third-year Political Science major. He is from Herriman, Utah, and enjoys cooking and spending time with his pet dog, Keko.   Rising Sign: "Around 9 am" What actor/actress would you...

Picture of Bino in golf cart
Director of Creative Content

Parker “Bino” Service

Film and Media Arts I'm a film major and hopefully a screenwriter someday. I'm a pretty boring guy who just likes writing, filmmaking, and Yu-Gi-Oh.   Rising Sign: Scorpio What actor/actress would you like to...

Picture of Maia
Podcast Lead

Maia Harris

History and Political Science "Currently, I'm still sad that I can't rewatch Avatar: the Last Airbender for the first time again but am filling the gap with reading, writing, playing Dungeons and Dragons, and crocheting clothing...

Picture of Rilie Atkinson
Director of Logistics

Rilie Atkinson

Peace & Conflict Studies with a minor in Business Rilie is the co-founder of OurStor1es and has been part of the fundamental operations of the organization and getting the platform off the ground since Fall 2019. Her job...